Worlds of Adventure at PodCamp 2016

On Sunday, producer Susan Davis and cast members Eugene Fong (“Barney”) and Rachel Young (“Bonnie”) gave a panel discussion at PodCamp 2016 in Toronto. The panel covered how we make the show, how it differs from the way most audio dramas are made, and general points about producing modern audio drama.

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Worlds of Adventure Pilot Miniseries: “The Dinosaur Uprising”

Thank you for listening! For new listeners, here is our entire pilot miniseries:

Act I: Prophecy (Download here)

Act II: Revelations (Download here)

Act III: Further Revelations (Download here)

Act IV: Legacy (Download here)

Act V: The Battle of Portal City (Download here)

Appendix I: The History of Dinosaur Earth: “From The Ashes, Dinosaurs”

Appendix II: The Dinosaur Resistance

Worlds of Adventure will return with special presentations in November and December, and Season 1 will premiere on January 4, 2016.


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Episode 008: “The Battle of Portal City”

In the finale of the pilot miniseries, the fate of the Resistance members, and of all dinosaurkind, hangs in the balance as the Resistance openly rises up against the Holy Northern Church and its alien allies.

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Episode 007: “Legacy”

The truth emerges about the “Ancients,” and about the nature of the drugs in Chompscilla’s muffins. Rip distrusts Hkhkheee, and sends her on a dangerous mission to get rid of her. Gomer and Chompscilla struggle to regain control of Chompscilla’s muffin company.

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Download the DramaSystem rulebook.

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Episode 003: “The Dinosaur Uprising”

In episode 003, we’re introduced to the members of a resistance cell who are about to kick off the dinosaur uprising against the Holy Northern Church, which (unbeknownst to our heroes, but beknownst to our cast) is a front for space aliens who are kidnapping dinosaur babies for experiments.

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