Episode 004: “Prophecy”

A terrorist bombing puts Chompscilla in the Church’s sights. Rip enlists Chompscilla to feed Gomer’s drug addiction. Hkhkheee receives unwelcome orders from her superiors.

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At the Holy Synod of Monochrome, a nervous Chompscilla seeks reassurance from Rip about a sabotage mission that he asked her to perform. He brusquely does so, and she goes to perform her mission.

At a local bar, Rip pushes Gomer (who is going through withdrawal) to buy more “Big Bang.” Gomer doesn’t have the money to pay Rip’s proposed double price for his drugs, and doesn’t agree.

Gomer tries to talk Hkhkheee into having Extinction play a show at a local bar, with Gomer collecting fees at the door. He frames it as a pay-to-play, plus drink tokens. Rip crashes the scene, offers to help with publicity, and talks Hkhkheee into playing the gig for “exposure.” Gomer gets what he wants.

Hkhkheee encounters Chompscilla at the club, and asks her out for coffee. Chompscilla agrees to go for tea.

A Melisssa of the church (GM) summons Hkhkheee to the inquisition booth at the damaged Holy Synod, and instructs her to arrest Chompscilla and any co-conspirators that she can identify. Hkhkheee tries to stall for time, saying that she wants to use her to go up the chain of the resistance… but she very reluctantly agrees to arrest her soon.

In the wake of the bombing, Chompscilla is freaked out, and blames herself for having done something “wrong.” She seeks forgiveness from Rip. It very quickly becomes evident that Rip intended the damage and the casualties, and Chompscilla seeks lighter duties. Rip assigns Chompscilla to make “special muffins” full of drugs to give to Gomer to recruit him. Chompscilla agrees. (Chompscilla doesn’t get her forgiveness, and Rip does get what he wants.)

The day after the Extinction concert, Rip and Gomer argue over the huge stacks of cash that were raked in at the concert. Rip demands the money from Gomer, to pay for Gomer’s drug bill, and a large additional shipment. Gomer not only demurrs, but threatens to cut Rip off because he believes he can make money from selling Chompscilla’s muffins (which Rip provided). Hkhkheee crashes the scene, and Rip tells her that the money is owed to him from Gomer. Hkhkheee demands her share of the money. Gomer hands her a tiny pittance, and claims that the majority was found “on the back of a boat.” Rip tells Hkhkheee flat out that reviews of Extinction were mixed… and she takes the pittance and walks away. Rip threatens Gomer if he doesn’t hand over the remainder. “You’re like a brother to me, but I killed my own brother.” Gomer hands over a portion of the money. Rip brings out an enormous bag of drugs, shoves some in Gomer’s face, and demands the rest of the cash. Gomer hands over some, but keeps a chunk for himself. (Rip didn’t get everything he wanted, and Hkhkheee definitely doesn’t get her want, either, due to Rip.)

The previous night, Chompscilla had shown up at the Extinction concert to give muffins to Gomer as he worked the door. Gomer tries one, is immediately hooked, and asks for them all, and a further supply. Chompscilla agrees.

In a different church, Hkhkheee goes to inquisition to confess her attraction to Chompscilla, and seek forgiveness. The Melisssa orders her to have nothing further to do with Chompscilla, and Hkhkheee runs out of the booth, and the church, in great haste, unforgiven.

The second night after the Extinction concert, Gomer turns up at a Church shelter, having overdosed on drugs. As he lies on the floor, suffering, a Melisssa (GM) approaches him, and tries to turn him back to the Church, and to give up the identity of the one who provided the drugs. Chompscilla crashes the scene, having been searching for Gomer for some time. The Melisssa is pleased to turn Gomer over to a good friend, one very different from the one who she believed gave him the drugs (ironically). Chompscilla leaves with Gomer, and both she and the Melisssa get what they want.

Bennies: Amanda and Ben

Episode Credits


  • Chompscilla: Rachel Young
  • Rip Strongpaw: Ben Feldman
  • Gomer: Eugene Fong
  • Hkhkheee: Amanda Yilmaz
  • Game Moderator: Susan Davis
  • Wandering Monster: Sibyl

Music and Sound Effects:

Production: Susan Davis

Sound Editing: Susan Davis

The game DramaSystem is designed by Robin Laws, and published by Pelgrane Press.

WLPP-LP FM strongly advises its listeners to avoid the use of illegal drugs, especially nasty fictional ones such as Big Bang.

Creative Commons License
Worlds of Adventure from WLPP-LP FM 102.9, Palenville NY is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
You can also find this episode at http://archive.org/details/woa-004.

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