Episode 007: “Legacy”

The truth emerges about the “Ancients,” and about the nature of the drugs in Chompscilla’s muffins. Rip distrusts Hkhkheee, and sends her on a dangerous mission to get rid of her. Gomer and Chompscilla struggle to regain control of Chompscilla’s muffin company.

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Underneath the High Melisssa’s palace, Gomer is discovered in his cell by Rip, who rescues him. (Token to Ben.)

As Hkhkheee and Chompscilla escape from the interrogation chamber, they discover a laboratory full of mutated baby dinosaurs, half-eaten Chompscilla’s Muffins containers… and a Byakhee (GM) from another planet. The two dinosaurs panic and run when the Byakhee spots them, but he turns out to be surprisingly friendly… and wants Chompscilla’s autograph. He regards Chompscilla as a heroine for having saved his research project: it turns out that the Big Bang that Chompscilla has been lacing her muffins with is Mutagenic Agent BB, designed by the aliens. Chompscilla goes nuts, and smashes the lab. (Token to Sue.)

In a clearing outside the palace grounds, Chompscilla and Hkhkheee pause to catch their breath, and to discuss the nature of the mutagenic agent. Rip crashes the scene, swoops in, and takes the sample away to give to Resistance officials. The entire team evacuates by helicopter. (Token to Rachel.)

Rip reports his team’s findings to Ccchhhup, who is intrigued by the reports of strange alien intruders. Rip gets his marching orders: find evidence to expose the Church’s conspiracy with the aliens, and gather information on them and on the mutagenic agent. (Token to Sue.)

The record company has been compromised, so the Resistance retreats to a secluded underground base. There, Hkhkheee tries to get back in Rip’s good graces, but he wants none of it. After Hkhkheee’s bandmates briefly reunite with her, Rip sends them away, and fires Hkhkheee. He gives her one last assignment: get information about the mutagen and the aliens from the Church. (Token to Amanda.)

Gomer meets with Chompscilla, to discuss problems with the muffin business. Chompscilla disavows the whole thing, and tells Gomer about her discoveries. Gomer reveals that someone else has taken over the business, and is continuing to operate it… and that he grabbed several bags of “Mutagenic Agent BB” from the High Melisssa’s palace as he was escaping. He gives his “samples” to Chompscilla, and the two vow to take back their business, or to destroy it. (Token to Rachel.)

The two then proceed to the headquarters of Chompscilla’s Muffins, where a squad of gangsters (GM), on the payroll of Dino Montana, are blocking off access to the executive offices. When their attempt to fast-talk their way past the guards fails, Gomer “hulks out” due to the effects of all the mutagens he has been taking, and intimidates the guards into eating muffins drugged with sleeping pills. (Procedural scene, success, and a Positive Consequence to Gomer.)

In a flashback, it is revealed that Chompscilla and Gomer had visited Klaw, the CEO of Chompscilla’s Muffins, and tried to get him to sell them his share of the company’s stock, which would give them a controlling interest over Dino Montana’s organization in the later confrontation. But despite their entreaties, Klaw was unconvinced. (Procedural scene, failure.)

Rip leads a strike team, including Hkhkheee, to capture the Melisssa who had been Hkhkheee’s handler. Hkhkheee gets in to see her, under false pretenses, and then the strike team swoops in to nab her. The operation goes without a hitch. (Procedural scene, success.)

On the way back from the mission, Hkhkheee, Gomer, and Rip interrogate the Melisssa. She lays out the Church’s side of the story: the Byakhee are the dinosaurs’ allies, not their enemies, and there are far worse monsters out in the galaxy, from whom the Byakhee are protecting the dinosaurs. The Church, in turn, is protecting dinosaurkind from the Byakhees’ demands on the dinosaurs, by trading them abandoned eggs that would never have hatched, and by trying to prevent the aliens’ mutagenic agents from spreading into the general population. She tries to sow distrust between Rip and his superiors. Rip comes up with a counterproposal, to put her back in the Church with Resistance members watching her, and promises a meeting with the Melisssa and other Resistance members that he says will convince her. (Token to Sue.)

Back at Chompscilla’s Muffins, Gomer and Chompscilla plot the announcement of the revised muffin formula, which will also be the big reveal to the general public about the aliens, the Church, and the experiments. (Conference scene; no tokens.)

The members of Extinction rally around Hkhkheee, refusing to let the “suits” replace their frontdinosaur. The bassist (GM) has a new song that she wants Hkhkheee to come sing on the radio whenever the Revolution kicks off. Hkhkheee agrees readily. (Token from Sue to Amanda, though it could have gone the other way.)

Chompscilla, Hkhkheee, and Gomer raid the Church social services agency that rescued Gomer from his bender. Chompscilla poses as a drug-addicted mother, and the resident Melisssa tries to convince her to hand over her clutch of (phony) eggs. While they talk, Hkhkheee and Gomer rescue the other eggs and children, and the group makes their getaway. (Procedural scene without cards, success.)

Finally, Rip calls a general meeting to announce the plan for the big broadcast that will expose the truth about the Church, the aliens, and the mutagen. As the credits roll, the members of Extinction play their new single, which is to be the signal for the revolution.

Episode Credits


  • Chompscilla: Rachel Young
  • Rip Strongpaw: Ben Feldman
  • Gomer: Eugene Fong
  • Hkhkheee: Amanda Yilmaz
  • Game Moderator: Susan Davis
  • Wandering Monster: Sibyl the Studio Cat


  • Main title theme by Tim Roven of Tabletop Audio. Used by permission.
  • “Smash the System” by Extinction: Music and lyrics by Susan Davis. Performance by Extinction.
  • “I Chomp Your Face” by Extinction: Music and lyrics by Susan Davis. Performance by Extinction.
  • Other music by Tabletop Audio.

Sound effects:

Production: Susan Davis

Sound Editing: Susan Davis

The game DramaSystem is designed by Robin Laws, and published by Pelgrane Press.

Extinction appears courtesy of Chompscilla’s Muffin Records.

Creative Commons License
Worlds of Adventure from WLPP-LP FM 102.9, Palenville NY is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
You can also find this episode at http://archive.org/details/woa-007.

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