Episode 003: “The Dinosaur Uprising”

In episode 003, we’re introduced to the members of a resistance cell who are about to kick off the dinosaur uprising against the Holy Northern Church, which (unbeknownst to our heroes, but beknownst to our cast) is a front for space aliens who are kidnapping dinosaur babies for experiments.

Download MP3 from archive.org.

Download the DramaSystem rulebook.

Download the reference card that the cast have in front of them during recording.

Download DramaSystem resources from Pelgrane Press.

Episode Credits


  • Chompscilla: Rachel Young
  • Rip Strongpaw: Ben Feldman
  • Gomer: Eugene Fong
  • Hkhkheee: Amanda Yilmaz
  • Game Moderator: Susan Davis
  • Voice of Launch Control: Jack King
  • Astronaut on Moon: Neil Armstrong

Music and Sound Effects:

Production: Susan Davis

Sound Editing: Susan Davis

Dinosaur Wrangler: Sibyl

The game DramaSystem is designed by Robin Laws, and published by Pelgrane Press.

WLPP-LP FM strongly advises its listeners to avoid tobacco use. Remember, kids: there’s a reason why the real dinosaurs are extinct.

Creative Commons License
Worlds of Adventure from WLPP-LP FM 102.9, Palenville NY is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
You can also find this episode at http://archive.org/details/woa-003.

3 thoughts on “Episode 003: “The Dinosaur Uprising”

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