Episode 006: “Further Revelations”

When Gomer and Chompscilla are captured by the Holy Northern Church, Rip must choose between his friends and his duty, and Hkhkheee must choose between her faith and her love.

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Hkhkheee and Chompscilla are out for a walk, when Chompscilla spots Gomer and Rip through the window of a bar. Chompscilla is incensed that Gomer stood her up. Hkhkheee tries to comfort her, but Chompscilla is disconsolate. The pair decide to have a hen night without the men, much to Hkhkhee’s delight. (Scene called by GM.)

A few hours later, Hkhkheee and Chompscilla stumble back to Chompscilla’s place, very drunk. After some light projectile vomiting, Chompscilla tries again to pump Hkhkheee for information to determine whether she’s the mole, but she passes out before she gets anywhere.

Gomer and Hkhkheee work on an Extinction music video, with the help of Gomer’s Melisssa masks and costumes. Rip crashes the scene, and learns that Chompscilla has joined Extinction as a backup singer. He demands to know how Gomer plans to deploy the disguises to benefit the Resistance, but Gomer is only thinking of his day job. Gomer makes overtures to Hkhkheee, trying to feel her out politically, but he gets no sense of her and no idea whether she’s the mole, and doesn’t get what he wants.

The day before, Rip questioned Chompscilla about her progress in unmasking the mole. Chompscilla hadn’t gotten anywhere, but she had gotten the sense that Hkhkheee had been making passes at her. Rip ordered her to join Extinction as a backup singer in order to get closer to Hkhkheee, and Chompscilla agreed.

Hkhkheee warns her superiors that the Resistance is closing in on unmasking her. With no progress to report on tracking down Ccchhhupp’s identity, the superior orders the arrest of the three cell members. Hkhkheee frantically tries to deflect the arrest of Chompscilla, which earns her a reprimand. She doesn’t get what she wants.

In a procedural scene, the church authorities (GM) descend on the Epic Triassic offices, to arrest Rip, Gomer, and Chompscilla. Rip isn’t there, but Gomer and Chompscilla are caught just one floor from the exit, and hustled away to the High Melisssa’s palace.

At Extinction band rehearsal, the day before the arrest, Chompscilla got Extinction’s other backup singer, Raptorella, to hold the images that Chompscilla took from the Church lab, to prevent their capture. (Dictated scene; no drama token.)

Also before the arrest, Gomer told Dino Montana, an underworld associate, of his fears of capture. Montana offered an inside contact in the event of trouble. (Dictated scene; no drama token.)

Rip briefs Ccchhhupp on Gomer and Chompscilla’s capture. Ccchhhupp is planning a raid on the High Melisssa’s palace, but it’s not for a rescue – the Resistance is finally making its move to unmask the identity of “the Ancients.” Ccchhhupp assigns Rip and several other teams to the mission… and not to do the rescue, to Rip’s disappointment.

Hkhkheee is put on the spot about her feelings for Chompscilla by the Melisssa she reports to, and is assigned to extra penance and spiritual counseling. Hkhkheee does not get to continue to conceal her feelings, as she wanted.

In the interrogation chamber at the High Melisssa’s palace, Chompscilla is being interrogated by the Church (GM). In a procedural scene, Hkhkheee takes over the interrogation – revealing her true identity to Chompscilla – and successfully fiddles the polygraph machine, and the torture equipment, to make it appear as if the very guilty Chompscilla were innocent. (TODO for next time: Hkhkheee should have a positive Consequence from this scene, from the face card she drew while playing a green token. Chompscilla cleared?)

Ben spends a bennie to give Rip the next scene. Rip’s team and the team lead of a second squad have both penetrated the High Melisssa’s palace, and have reached the junction from which they must either proceed to the main mission or to the rescue. Rip declares that he’s going to rescue his teammates, but is talked back into the main mission, giving up what he wants for the sake of the Resistance.

Alarm bells ring throughout the complex as the Resistance tac team makes its assault on the High Melisssa’s quarters. Chompscilla takes advantage of the confusion to try to get out of her interrogation chamber. Hkhkheee, put on the spot, tries to help Chompscilla escape. Rip and his team round the corner, just in time, and orders the pair to follow him to the residence. Hkhkheee is torn. Chompscilla pushes her off the fence by grabbing her and kissing her passionately.

Bennies: Amanda and Rachel (and Eugene, retroactively)

Episode Credits


  • Chompscilla: Rachel Young
  • Rip Strongpaw: Ben Feldman
  • Gomer: Eugene Fong
  • Hkhkheee: Amanda Yilmaz
  • Game Moderator: Susan Davis
  • Wandering Monster: Sibyl the Studio Cat

Music and Sound Effects:

Production: Susan Davis

Sound Editing: Susan Davis

The game DramaSystem is designed by Robin Laws, and published by Pelgrane Press.

WLPP-LP FM strongly advises its listeners to avoid the use of illegal drugs. Drugs are bad, m’kay?

Creative Commons License
Worlds of Adventure from WLPP-LP FM 102.9, Palenville NY is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
You can also find this episode at http://archive.org/details/woa-006.

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